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a reputable business that has a wealth of experience in the export of semi-finished and ready made amber products around the globe.

We offer tiles, factory polished beads and spheres of high quality made from Natural Amber to wholesale buyers at competitive prices.

Amber Products

Natural Amber Gemstones

Premium quality wholesale Amber gemstone beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing.

Polished Amber
Beads & Balls

Cut from one stone, available in a range of colours and shades, drilled or undrilled.

Amber Carvings & Ornaments

Amulets, animal carvings, figurines and ornaments of real amber hand carved by talented artists.

Amber Jewelry Supplies & Ready Made Products

A vast range of jewelry making supplies as well as uniquely designed jewellery and fashion accessories.

Decorative Amber
Panels & Tiles

We present a series of complete decorative panels and tiles made of pressed natural amber in a range of colors and sizes.

Custom Made Natural Amber Products

Jevelery, ornaments and home decor products are made to order to meet your individual needs.


Finest Quality Natural Amber

Amberlana is a new, dynamically developing company. We export natural amber products worldwide.

Today our company offers semi-finished and finished handmade products of highest quality made of natural amber.

  • Natural Amber Gemstones
  • Polished Amber Beads & Balls
  • Amber Carvings & Ornaments
  • Amber Jewelry Supplies & Acessories
  • Decorative Amber Panels & Tiles
  • Custom Made Natural Amber Products

How to Identify Genuine Amber

There are mainly three types of amber: natural amber, pressed amber (also called ambroid) and copal (this is very young tree resins ( 1000- 1million years old). All the rest is not amber.


  • Copal. Tends to melts rather than burn. After heating it diffuses the "sweet" smell of burning resins.
  • Glass. It is more solid, cold and fireproof; it cannot be scratched by metal.
  • Fenolic resins. After heating it does not diffuse the smell of pine-tree resins.
  • Celluloid. After heating it diffuses the smell of burnt plastic.
  • Casein. After heating it diffuses the smell of burnt plastic.
  • Modern plastic. After heating it diffuses the smell of burnt plastic.

Not everyone can buy from a miner but we are the dealers that can be trusted and this is the most important; part of buying amber is to know the source.

In first place, at analyzing amber, we must remember that it is an organic fossilized substance with certain properties and a powerful energy that always leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth in the body. Ambroid distinguishes from natural amber by its lower turbidity and lower hardness.
The other quite unique feature of Amber is that it has the ability to attract tiny pieces of paper when it is rubbed against natural cloth. This happens mainly because Amber electrifies negatively, which also provides some explanation as to why this natural resin might have medical benefits.
You could also recognize natural amber because it sinks in water but floats in salt water (ten small cups or coffee cup of salt for each glass of water), while the imitations sink, except the ones made with polyethylene. After verifying the product, it must be thoroughly rinsed with tap water to prevent the amber from forming a salt crust.

The Best Quality Amber Products


Our great range of semi-finished and finished products
from a premium quality natural amber

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We are committed to providing high quality products and strive to keep our competitive rates.

Beads & Balls

  • 6-15mm

    £3-9 per gram

  • 20-25mm

    £12-23 per gram

  • 30-35mm

    £18-27 per gram


  • 6-15mm

    From £3 per gram

  • 20-25mm

    From £12 per gram

  • 30-35mm

    From £18 per gram

Fashion Acessories

  • Beaded Bracelets

    From £18

  • Beaded Necklaces

    From £27

  • Gemstone Accessories

    From £6

Tiles & Panels

  • 110x110x(10-40)mm

    From £4

  • 160x160x(10-40)mm

    From £6

  • 250x250x(10-40)mm

    From £9